Finding the right form of exercise that is not only bearable, but also beneficial for people with arthritis can be tricky. However, Pilates is proven to be a great option.   Derived from the Greek words arthritis means joint inflammation with ‘arthro’ meaning joint and ‘itis’ meaning inflammation. There are different types of arthritis including, Osteo, […]

Pain Reduction

May 30, 2022

Pilates for Arthritis – Motion is lotion 

Practising mindfulness is like doing Pilates, you’re not going to get a toned body after one class, nor will you have a completely calm mind after one workshop, meditation or conscious action. To give yourself the best shot at relieving stress in your day-to-day, set yourself the goal to practise mindfulness every day. You may […]


June 1, 2021

Practicing Mindfulness

To us, wellbeing is a blend of movement, nutrition, self-love and as we get older, taking extra care of our skin most definitely falls under the same umbrella.  So, we spoke to our friends at Endota Spa about what our Sunshine Coast Reformer Pilates clients can do to keep their skin looking healthy and youthful.  […]


April 28, 2021

Top Skincare Tips for Anti-Aging

  Each class makes you stronger than the last and with that strength comes more challenges.  If you’re ready to take your Pilates to the next level, learning how to correctly direct your breath throughout your workout is super beneficial.  We have put together the steps below for you to try at home and then […]


March 5, 2021

A guide to Pilates breathing

  The first few weeks of starting something new are always the hardest part.  We can all agree on that, but why are positive changes for our well-being so difficult to stick to?  When does it get easier?  How do we know the difference between pushing through and forcing what’s not meant to be?  This […]


March 4, 2021

Creating habits that you actually stick to

When it comes to our health, we are bombarded with so much information and conflicting messages on how we can best optimise our wellbeing.  The truth is, there is not any, one thing that can transform your health.  The way we see it, the more holistic your approach, the better you will feel.  Qualified Naturopath […]


March 4, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

If you’ve never joined a Reformer Pilates class at Rejuvenate Pilates, you may have heard a few rumours around what Reformer Pilates is, what it does for your body and who it can benefit. Let us shed some light on the facts behind Reformer Pilates Myths. After decades in the industry, these have been the […]


February 18, 2020

Reformer Pilates Myths – We’ll Share The Facts!

People often look to exercise for improving physical health, although numerous studies have identified that there are also benefits of exercise for mental health.  With almost half of all Australians experiencing a mental health illnesses in their lifetime, it’s an important topic to understand. Here’s a greater insight into the benefits of exercise for mental […]


January 14, 2020

Exercise for Mental Health – The Mind Boggling Benefits

We’ve heard it before, a healthy lifestyle is made up of two things – eating well and exercise. Although to maintain this lifestyle ongoing, beyond just losing weight, you need to drill down to your core emotion of what’s driving you. What is your motivation to exercise? Have you ever stopped to think about why […]


December 17, 2019

What Drives Motivation to Exercise?

A primary focus of pilates is building core strength, helping to create a strong foundation for flexible movement and decrease body aches, pains and injuries. How to get core strength Every exercise in pilates is aimed at learning to engage and work the core. Reformer pilates goes one step further, helping to provide added stability, […]


April 23, 2019

Core Strength – Improving and Maintaining It

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