All our studio classes use the reformer bed - a seriously fun (and addictive!) piece of machinery. Reformer Pilates uses springs to create resistance and test your stability, you'll get the hang of this within 1-2 classes and soon enough the reformer will be your new best friend.

The Reformer

Reformer Foundations

Beginner Basics

Offering basic Pilates movements, this is an easier style of class for those who require additional support. It is best suited to beginners, anyone recovering from injuries or returning to Pilates after a break. This class covers the principles of Pilates including the breath, neutral / imprinted spine and how to use the equipment in a gentle, slow paced environment. Pilates is excellent for increasing strength, tone, flexibility, improving posture, fitness, and mental wellbeing. Reformer Pilates focuses on core-based and body weight exercises using the adjustable spring loaded resistance on reformer machines.


Rejuvenate Reformer

This is our signature full body Reformer Pilates class created with YOU in mind.
This class is excellent for increasing strength, tone, stability, mobility, fitness, mind-body connection, mental wellbeing and improving posture.

Our signature Reformer class offers varying levels of Pilates movements with modifications and progressions being provided according to your level.


All Levels

Mobility & Release

All levels

Reformer Stretch is designed to stretch and release those commonly tight areas of your body, incorporating the breath to help relax your mind and body.

This full body workout blends dynamic stretch flows with slow and controlled exercises working evenly on strength and length.

You can expect to bend, extend and rotate as we work on mobility in all planes of movement. 


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